Bringing vaping devices of popular e-juice flavours on an airplane is a case-dependent situation. There are situations wherein you can bring them and there are instances that vaping is outright prohibited. One thing is for sure: you need to be prepared before traveling.

Preparation includes knowing ahead of the laws and penalties of the airport, the airplane you will be boarding, and the destination you will be landing on. Neglecting to do so can bring only trouble and the unattended flight maybe not be refunded at all.

Vaping Laws

When you are traveling domestically, you will be easily informed of any restrictions of vaping and bringing of vaping devices. For international flights, you need to do diligence in your own research. There are countries that ban vaping, and bringing any vaping devices can give you problems and probably be punished depending on which country or city.

According to air flight rules, vaping devices or e-cigarettes are not allowed to be included in the checked-in baggage and must be brought inside a carry-on. The reason for this is that they are battery-operated and might cause technical problems while being at a high altitude and stored in a compact place.

For vape liquids and juices though, the rules regarding transportation of all liquids are applied. They can either be carried or can be included in the checked-in luggage.

Bringing Of Vape Juice And Liquids

With regards to bringing of vape juice and liquids, there are some restrictions. According to the guidelines of TSA, bottles with a volume of 30, 60, or 100 mL are okay to bring along. For carry-on, there is a so-called ‘3-1-1’ rule to follow.

The 3-1-1 rule means that the liquid containers must weigh 3 ounces at most, all of the containers must be put inside a 1-quart TSA-approved bag and each traveler has only 1 bag allowed to be carried on. If you need larger containers for the liquids, you need to check them in luggage but you must do the following:

Transfer liquids to 3-ounce containers

Put containers inside a TSA-approved plastic bag

Wrapped the lids with tape and wrap the whole container with plastic and then taped

Failure to do so will get you in trouble. If TSA finds you violating upon inspection, you will be asked to transfer the liquids as carry-on or have them confiscated on the spot.

Safety Measures

In order to ensure safety on the vaping devices you are planning to bring legally on your flight, here are some important measures you need to do:

Secure the e-cigarette in a stable position in your carry-on bag to avoid accidental firing, cracks, or dents.

Disconnect the batteries and store them securely without any possibility of shorting by a metal or liquid.

Double-check the wrappings of the liquid bottles.

Bring a towel or wiping cloth in case of emergencies.

Purchase a protective casing to store your vape devices to lessen the chances of colliding with other items in the bag.


Traveling with vaping devices can be bothersome compared to a smoker who can conveniently purchase cigarettes from his/her destination. For a vape user, it is costly to abandon the vape devices and purchase another on the destination wherein the journey lasts only for days. If you want to bring your e-cigarette, the most important key is to follow the rules and regulations.

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