While traveling to points of interest in Dryden, you need to make sure that there is an immediate dining avenue nearby. Within the city, thankfully, there are several different restaurants where you can dine in, complementing your culinary experience as a result.

At the Chalet Inn & Restaurant, rest assured your appetite is satisfied completely. This is one of the few establishments that offer both accommodation and dining. It is located along Government Street, within Dryden. Craving for grilled food? You should visit Backwoods Grill on the same street.

There are selected establishments that also provide recreational activities aside from dining. The Timber Lanes bowling alley in the city is one proven instance. Other businesses like Starbucks operate inside larger establishments such as the Safeway supermarket chain in Whyte Avenue.

If Chinese cuisine is on your mind, see the Hong Kong House. This dining place is stationed along Whyte Avenue. You should also consider Ho Ho Chinese Restaurant in Van Horne Avenue.

Looking for an experience that is similar to street fast-food dining? You may check out a few seasonal food trucks such as Black Oven Pizza, Chip Box, and Street Meat by the Weiner Wagon.