Want to try your hand on fishing or hunting in Dryden? Set a schedule on your next trip to appreciate the city’s several lakes, take advantage of our guided tours, or simply check-in at one of many lodges nearby.

Before you set out on fishing, it is highly recommended that you first check out the official website of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, or more commonly Ontario Fish On-Line. It is intended to assist anglers when targeting specific species of fish and provide numerous locations across Ontario.

Aside from species lookup and waterbody search, the website also includes additional features such as fishing access points, lake depth contours, and licence purchase. To learn more about applying for a fishing licence, you must refer to the Ministry of Natural Resources Fishing Licence and Regulations.

There are a few fishing tournaments wherein you can participate. You may sign up for the Tbaytel Walleye Masters walleye catch and release tournament, which is held near Wabigoon Lake. Within that same area, you may also register for the one-day Dryden Bass Tournament.

Apart from fishing, you may also want to give hunting a try, but in this case, a guided tour through the Canadian wilderness in Dryden is highly recommended so that you can still comply with the local guidelines and regulations. In Northwest Ontario, the biggest harvesting rates and population of fauna can be noticed, and moose dominate the entirety of the population in terms of numbers.

You will also discover a growing number of black bears and whitetail deer in the area. However, you must first read through the Ministry of Natural Resources Hunting Regulations as well as the Government of Ontario guidelines on how you can hunt black bears, moose, waterfowl, and whitetail deer.