Being a wilderness city as proclaimed by locals, Dryden features several trails for you to bike your way through or hike if you feel spirited. Setting the Laura Howe Marsh aside, you should discover other unmentioned trails in the following locations.

Aaron Provincial Park is amongst the most popular locations for trail hiking. Situated still within the same district, the park showcases two trails: Aspen Trail and Eastern White Cedar Trail.

Throughout the Aspen Trail, you can encounter several types of Boreal Forest trees and wildlife including whitetail deer and songbirds. The Eastern White Cedar Trail, on the other hand, features wetlands along Thunder Lake as well as flowers and huge stands of trees.

The Blue Lake Provincial Park is one of the most recognised landmarks featuring campgrounds for participants to enjoy. Located in Kenora District, the park can be accessed through Ontario Highway 647.

The Ghost Lake trail offers numerous challenges for skilled hikers because the route consists primarily of bush roads, forest trails, rocky paths, and swamps. Along this route, you also have the chance to see various bird species and wildlife in general.

Finally, there is the upcoming Trans Canada Trail water route that, once completed, will allow you to go on a canoeing or kayaking activity.

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