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Reception launches new exhibit

The Dryden and District Museum hosted a meet the artists reception last Thursday for The Dryden Artist’s Association new exhibit ‘Eye of the Beholder.’ The exhibit features the local talents of Jennifer Caie, Pauline Withers, Laura-Lee Pernsky, Jill Wilkinson, Helen Grymaloski, Shirley Franklin, Marlene Moroz-Dick and Tila Johnson.

Tila Johnson beside her art at the opening of the Dryden Artist’s Association’s exhibit. Photos by Michael Christianson

The artists filled the museum with eye-catching pieces in a variety of mediums. Johnson worked in mainly acrylic but she also created a clay sculpture that she cast in dental plaster.

“Some of it is to show how we can have hope, we can lean on each other and help each other through hard times, other ones just trying different techniques and having some fun,” said Johnson.

Dryden Artist’s Association Vice President Nancy Fumerton said that the group hopes to encourage visual arts in Dryden and they do that through workshops, and paint days where they help each other to improve and gave fun.

“It’s really nice to have a place to showcase our efforts in such a beautiful way and it’s really fabulous having the reception where we get to meet the people who come and see our work and interact with them a bit,” said Fumerton.

“Mostly in Dryden you show it to relatives, you show it to friends sometimes but you don’t get a lot of unbiased opinions.” ‘Eye of the Beholder’ will be on display until October 4.

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