Traveling overseas can be an exhilarating and recommended experience until your vaping devices and gear don’t make it to your travel destination. Frustratingly, vaping gear is not allowed in most airlines and may be banned in some countries. However, in airlines where it is allowed, a lot of rules and regulations apply and you need to know how to pack your vape gear correctly.

In this article, we will explore some important tips for traveling with your vape gear so you won’t experience any problems.

Disconnect all Batteries

One way to secure your vape gear properly especially when traveling is by disconnecting the batteries, particularly if they are in the unregulated mod. Unlike electronic or regulated e-cigarettes which come with a safety lock, mechanical or unregulated mods lack this feature.

This means that the device can be accidentally activated if not packed well. When this happens, the batteries in your vape mod could potentially burst into flames. This is because the battery’s internal pressure change increases the risk of fire in the air.

It is also a good idea to check the condition of your batteries beforehand and pack them in the right battery case to prevent any accidents. Don’t put them in your checked baggage, rather; instead, place your batteries in your carry-on bag so that it can be placed in the passenger cabin. This way, flight staff can easily deal with the fire should it occur.

Ensure Your E-Liquids are Well Wrapped

Before you head out for your trip, see to it that your e-liquids are properly wrapped in order to avoid the chances of spillage. If possible, try not to take your e-juice in glass bottles as this could potentially break. We recommend spending a few dollars by purchasing empty bottles from your local supplier.

E-liquid is allowed both in your hand-luggage and check-in luggage. According to TSA rules, all liquids including e-liquids carries on the plane must be placed in liquid bottles that measure 100ml in size or less. You should also ensure that the e-juice fits well into a 1-quart plastic bag as allowed in your carry-on. However, if you plan to carry more bottled e-liquids, then it is the best pack of your e-liquids in your hold luggage.

Carry Spare Batteries

When you are taking a long trip, it is only right that you carry spare batteries. This will come in handy especially when traveling by air since charging an e-cigarette on a plane is prohibited.

Nevertheless, you should place the batteries in a protective carrier and use electrical tape to cover the terminals. Otherwise, short circuits are likely to occur when the batteries come into contact with metallic objects. For more battery storage solutions, be sure to check at your vape stores.

Check the Vaping Rules of Your Transportation Mode

When you intend to carry your vape gear on your trip, know the vaping rules of the mode of transportation of your choice. Basically, every airline, train line, and the bus company have its own vaping rules and regulations. For instance, most airports have banned vaping except in areas where smoking is allowed.

Additionally, almost all airlines and travel services prohibit vaping while on board. When you are aware of the vaping rules, you will reach your travel destination without experiencing any problems.

Know the Local Vaping Laws

I can’t emphasize how important it is to check the local vaping regulations of the country you are traveling to. That’s because countries like Brazil, Australia, Egypt, Mexico, and many more have banned while others have put restrictions with regard to vaping. It is also important to note that these restrictions are bound to change. Hence, it is highly recommendable to research the local laws of vaping before your departure.


Traveling with your vape gear doesn’t have to be scary anymore when you know how to pack it correctly. If in doubt whether your vaping kit is allowed in your mode of transportation or destination, make sure you check with the local vaping laws and confirm the travel service provider’s policy.

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