In the travel industry, you must keep your fingers on online news to remain up-to-date with the latest scoop. At, you can find new products and services introduced on a daily basis. However, it can be challenging to differentiate the reliable and non-trustworthy travel news sources. If you want to remain informed on the rapidly evolving industry, you must have a reliable source.

Luckily, there is a handful of them, and they’re as follows:


This site posts industry news and trends through marketing services, reporting, live events, and research. Here, you’ll find the latest travel news regarding destinations, airlines, online booking technology, and hotels.

Phocus Wire

This website news mainly focuses on travel technology and its responsibility in airlines, meetings, tourism, incentives, the hospitality industry, and travel agencies. In their daily newsletter, you can find interviews with global leaders, recent travel news, and their intelligent series.

Travel Daily News

Launched in 1999, this website focuses on both topics in the B2B and B2C travel industries. The site gives international articles, editorials, breaking news, and columns that make you feel confident about their travel news.

BBC Tourism

This is one of the most reliable sources for the latest travel news online. They have a great travel division that provides worldwide news related to the travel industry.

Travelage West

This is an award-winning writing and design travel website which is considered a valued resource for most travel agents and provides them with new coverage of destinations and on-site reports. The website features the latest trends and products in the travel industry.


The site is among the best publishers of tourist content in Spanish. If you want an Encyclopedia of Spanish tourism, this is the site to get the information.

Eye for Travel

The Eye for Travel website is known for its credible, reliable, and unbiased information. Although the site does not focus on breaking news, it is a great source of exposes and articles that focus on the essential travel news in the travel industry globally.

World Tourism Organization

This travel website is a United Nations agency whose role is to support, inform, guide, and advance the tourism industry globally. Due to their global influence, people see them as a comprehensive source of information to be depended on by travel agencies and tour operators.

Travel Pulse

On this travel website, you can find updated news about the travel industry, professional interviews, and videos. Since the site is diverse, you can find travel sector news like travel technology, cruises, sustainability, and travel agents.

The Blue Swan Daily

The site’s publisher is the center for aviation. It focuses on travel industry developments and aviation global news.

Now that you know some reliable, credible, and unbiased travel news websites, make sure you check for the latest news before traveling. Such information can help you make the right decisions while traveling.

Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, having the correct details about your airline, travel agency, and destination is important.

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