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  1. Larry Gompf

    Hi, my name is Larry Gompf. I was an editor at one time of a farm newspaper called Grainews in Winnipeg. I have a camp at Eagle Lake by Vermilion Bay. Last year I spotted an invasive weed near our cabin and my neighbour admitted he had brought the plants from his back yard in Dryden just to get rid of them. Not wanting them to spread, my wife and I spent about 3 man-hours pulling out all the plants we could find. But we piled them up in the same area. Big mistake. They came back with a vengeance this year and we spent 6-8 hours this year over several times pulling up new plants. They can start new plants from root stock, from stem stock or from seed. And they spread fast. If we weren’t diligent, our whole forested area would be overrun with these plants in 2-3 years. We’ve learned that they are called Himalayan Balsam or Touch-Me- Not. (Because of their ability to shoot their seed, at maturity, out a number of metres.) There is a website and a phone number for a person to call to report having spotted it. Because of the fact these plants came from Dryden, I would like to write an article to warn folks of the bad nature of this weed in order to help prevent its spread in the town. I have left 2 messages for Chris Marchand to have him call me and at this website I see you have an interim editor. If you are interested in me writing a story about Himalayan Balsam please contact me and we can make arrangements. Thanks for listening to my concerns. My phone number is 204-284-1633.


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