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Sharing Dryden’s WWI veteran’s stories

The Dryden Genealogical Society took their Spirit Walk event indoors last week to tell stories of Dryden’s World War I veterans. The special presentation is in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the Great War.

The Dryden Genealogical Society hosted an indoor spirit walk last week honouring Dryden Veterans of the First
World War. Photo by Michael Christianson

Susan Reany read the stories of Frank Wesley Wice and George Oliver Keatley, Will Vermeer read the stories of Arthur Charles Wilson and George Ferguson, Matthew Benson read the story of the Morettin family and Bruce Walchuk read the story of his wife’s grandfather Llewellyn “Lew” Evans.

Walchuck said he never got to meet Lew but through his research he was struck at how young he was when he went to war at only 24 years old; Lew returned to Canada blind in one eye and a gun shot wound in the leg and never received a medical pension.

“It’s important to remember, that is what Remembrance Day is about, the veterans for the most part are gone,” said Walchuk.

“e still have a few Second War veterans left and of course the Korean conflict and the rest, but when you go back to The Great War to World War I, they’re gone, all of these men are gone; they’re distant photographs, they’re long lost memories, their children are gone and it’s important to remember what they did and what they stood for and what they meant to the nation.

“We went into the war as a part of the Commonwealth, part of England, very British, we came out of the war signing the armistice as a separate country entirely. Canada, many would say, grew up in that war.”

The Dryden Genealogical Society meets once a month and is always looking for new members to join them.

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