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Arena lobby to get new roof

The Dryden Memorial Arena lobby/office roof will need to be replaced sooner than anticipated. This was the finding brought forward to at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday.

Minor Hockey players Mark Realini and Dwayne Carens inside the new arena under construction in 1979. Photos submitted

Treasurer Steven Landsdell-Roll presented the findings along with a request to amend the 2018 budget to pay for the replacement. When the 2018 Capital Budget Plan was developed, it was thought that the roof could last at least one more year before requiring replacement.

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This spring the condition of the roof proved to be in worse condition than originally thought. “We saw buckets with water, we saw staining on the walls, we went up and looked at the roof and it seemed soft in certain spots, just confirming what the consultant had said that the condition is very poor and something that needed to be addressed right away,” said Landsdell-Roll.

Council approved the amendment and work is expected to begin in the summer. The current project cost is estimated at $142,000.

EDITORIAL: It’s a shame it’s come to this

To help offset some costs to the Arena lobby roof project the project to webcast council meetings will take lower priority freeing up $11,000. $20,000 more will come from the updated cost on the capital lease of the Mechanical Street Sweeper that was delivered behind schedule.

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Due to the impact of the budget amendment, an additional $112,000 will be drawn from the Land Sale Reserve to fund the 2018 Capital Plan. Other potential funding opportunities are being considered to help reduce the funds drawn from the Land Sale Reserve.

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