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CF-DRD headed for repairs funded by community campaign

The Norseman watching over Red Lake from Norseman Park for well over two decades is freed from its mount, thanks to a successful fundraising effort that will enable its refurbishment.

CF-DRD became a Red Lake landmark July 25, 1992 at the inaugural Norseman Festival. In summer 2017, it was heavily damaged by a hail storm. Repairs are needed to the plane’s wings and fuselage, after the hail punched holes large enough to go through to the inside of the aircraft, exposing it to the outdoor elements.

Insurance coverage did not match the quotes for restoration of the aircraft, so the Norse man Festival Committee and the Hwy 105 Tour ism & Marketing Board, formerly the Red Lake Publicity Board, came together with a fund raising campaign.

On June 7 that fundraising enabled CF-DRD’s removal with a crane. Duane Riddell, chairman of the HWY 105 Tourism and Marketing board, said. “This is the first – step in the refurbishment process.”

“With the help of Jesse Clayfield, Vito Tarantino, Jared Lafontain, and our major sponsor Goldcorp Red Lake Mines, DRD was lifted from its mount and gently placed on the ground, starting a year long process to restore the aircraft to – its original glory,” explained the board in a media release.

“Aviation enthusiasts, former residents, and current residents of the community have come together to help raise the money required to complete – the process,” said fund raising manager Kim Riddell. “This makes me very proud to be a Red Laker and a part of the project.”

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