The heat continues Monday at Committee of the Whole

It was standing room only at City Hall on Monday Evening. Photo by Michael ChristiansonBy Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

The issue was still hot at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday evening. The chambers were full of citizens eager to hear what decisions council would make. Present at the meeting from council were John Carlucci, Mary Trist, Roger Valley and acting deputy mayor for the meeting Martin MacKinnon.

A special motion was raised by Trist to address the Dryden Fire situation at next week’s council meeting. The direction from council would lead to a town hall meeting and/or starting immediate talks with the Dryden Fire Fighters Association.

Trist said in order to go forward thy must restart the conversation with the DFFA.

Council agreed to disuses the resolution on how to go forward next week.

Valley also raised his own motion to discuss a resolution next week at the regular council meeting to direct staff to give 100% control of the Association room to the DFFA on the condition they accept all liability for what occurs in their space.

As Trist held a pecuniary interest in the matter and MacKinnon could not second the motion as chair of the meeting it came down to Carlucci who did not support the motion.

MacKinnon said after the meeting that this whole issue is about a cultural change and that it will never go back to the way it was.

“My main concern is if we’re going to negotiate, who is that with? It looks to me like the Association keeps changing who that person is,” said MacKinnon.“Like I said in that meeting, and I’m sorry because I got a little emotional, because this is a wonderful community and it’s in devastation right now because of what is going on and social media has a lot to do with that; people running on stories that are only half truths and the whole truth of the matter is three councillors sat down and thought that they made some pretty good progress and was pretty devastated those three when the answer came back ‘no’ and ‘you can talk to this guy.’ So what happened then? There’s huge trust issues there, and to be able to fix this we need to able to trust the people across the table.”

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