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New Prospect and Open Roads Schools vying for recreation project funding

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Michael Christianson

Two local schools are vying to win $1250 in the TbayTel for Food Community Fund and they need your votes.

New Prospect School is looking to build an outdoor rink and Open Road School is looking to purchase canoes for their Explore Program. 

Ryan Graham, Vice-Principal of new Prospect says the idea for an outdoor arena came when he recently came to the New Prospect and him and other staff members were looking at things they could do not only for the community but for the school. With the help of Lorna Tremonti, the Recreation and Wellness Coordinator for the KPDSB and Kelly Schollie, the Principal of New Prospect their rink dream got into the top 10 for the project. 

“For North Dryden it’s something that will bring the community together, it gives them something in the winter months,” says Graham. “It’s not like we can use the soccer pitches here or the skatepark gets a little hard to use.  This is something they can use during the weekend to get family together, to bring back the joy of skating and sport and just to have a good time. During the week, that’s where I really like it because our hockey academy student’s will have a little ownership in maintaining it and taking care of it.”

For Open Roads School they are hoping to get the money to put towards purchasing new canoes. Each year in June Ms. McQuade and her Explore crew take a four-day canoe trip to White Otter Castle. They also need the use of canoes for practicing canoe safety skills in the Dryden Pool and in Wabigoon lake prior to their trip to White Otter. Students have been raising funds for new canoes over the years.

To vote simply go to, click on the Good School Program, click the blue button to vote and then select your program choice. You can also tweet #tbaytel for good. Voting closes on Nov. 6.

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