FEATURE: Dryden Rocks leaves no stone unturned

Young Cooper Adams is one of the many local kids of all ages who is enjoying getting out of the house in search of colourful painted rocks that participants place in unique locations all over town. Photo submitted

By Michael Christianson

Too often parents are looking for an inexpensive way to get their children out of the house and off whatever technology they have at home. One local father and son have offered up an easy solution.

Dryden Rocks was founded on Facebook by Tommy and Kyler Johnson; inspired by similar groups in other larger cities Kyler told his dad they should make their own page.

The idea of Dryden Rocks is simple: get a rock, paint the rock, hide the rock, find other rocks and hope others find yours. With their simple concept in mind and their page made Tommy and Kyler set off to hide their first batch of rocks downtown. The next day they had 78 members ready to rock.

“It’s something else to do then just sit at home,” said Kyler. “I like to paint Angry Birds, there’s a Cookie Monster one out there, pumpkins, some nature rocks. We go around town and hide them.”

Tommy says that it has given them something to do during the quiet time after summer activities and before winter sports. 

The response has been amazing from both young and old who are getting out and taking part in the local treasure hunt. The Dryden Rocks Facebook page is full of smiling faces and people out hiding and finding.

“The purpose isn’t to hide rocks, I was thinking about it and for us, the amount of time that you can spend with your kids painting the rocks, that could take an hour or longer and that gets them interested,” said Tommy. “Then you go out and hide them which takes another hour and then you go out and find them. The idea was to get kids and even adults to do something else besides being bored at home, or playing on their IPad, to get out.”

Tommy says there are no rules when it comes to painting and hiding rocks and he encourages local artists to put their own spin on some rocks and hide them around town.

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