Local trapper working on escape trap for wolverine

Local trapper Dwaine Brown demonstrates a trap design during a recent talk at the Local Citizens Advisory Committee annual Christmas Dinner, Dec. 14.
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Submitted by Penny Ratushniak, Dryden LCAC Chair

The Dryden and Ignace Local Citizens Advisory Committees (LCAC) met for their annual Christmas dinner in Dryden on Dec. 14th, 2016. The keynote speaker was one of our own members, Dwaine Brown, a local and avid trapper. Dwaine provided an interesting, entertaining and thought provoking talk on his recent involvement with the study on the Gulo gulo, better known as the Wolverine. The Wolverine is the largest furbearer in the weasel family found in the boreal forest. Currently in Ontario, the Wolverine is considered a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, 2007 so no hunting or trapping of the Wolverine is allowed. Dwaine’s talk challenged the provincial process that put animals on the threatened species list and explained how this impacts active trappers. Dwaine indicated that there are Wolverine in the area based on this study, and unintentional catches in traps over the years. Dwaine is a passionate furbearer manager, and one of our newest Dryden LCAC members, who is working on a redesign for a safe easy escape trap for wolverine when they are unintentionally caught on the trap line.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry District Manager has brought together members who collectively possess a wide range of experience and/or knowledge in many resource areas such as First Nations interests, naturalists, tourism and recreation, trappers, forest industry, hunters and anglers, and municipalities to name a few to create the LCAC. The purpose of the two local citizen committees (Dryden and Ignace) is to provide advice to the MNRF District Manager. We are able to do this by talking and listening to the public and various interests groups regarding forest resource management. We encourage everyone who has an interest on the Dryden, Wabigoon and English River forests to participate in the forest management planning process and/or contact one of your LCAC members if you have any resource management related questions.

For further information check out Dryden LCAC’s website at: drydenlcac.ca.

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