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Milestone Rink benefits from 100 Men fundraising project

Hockey players enjoy some ideal weather and temperatures at the new and improved Milestone Rink, Monday.
Photo by Chris Marchand


By Chris Marchand

A cherished community recreation site is sporting some much-needed upgrades with some help from a community project, and their friends in the business community.

After a year of fundraising and some decisions over a variety of worthy projects, Milestone Rink has reaped the benefits of the 100 Men Project — an effort to solicit $100 from at least 100 community-minded fellas. In the end it was 102.

The donations resulted in new LED lighting for the rink and changeroom, new hockey nets, repairs to the boards, a snow blower, a soon-to-come storage shed and forthcoming basketball nets to be constructed by Solomon and Sons. The upgrades have also prompted the city to consider a new gas furnace for the changeroom facility.

“I’m incredibly satisfied with the way things turned out,” said 100 Men Project lead Tyler Peacock. “The community came together to see it come to fruition, we had great support through everyone who donated through the project. The city was very welcoming in having us contribute to that specific project and rose to the occasion. Once businesses and residents see that something is happening they want to get involved again. It’s interesting to see when a project like that hits the ground, the attention it receives — lots of people on social media talking about the new lights and the fact that there’s a snowblower now.”

Peacock says some of the upgrades will help lower operating costs for the facility over the long-term.

“I’m definitely thinking about doing it again, but I’m asking for help,” said Peacock. “Many hands make light work. Getting a hundred bucks from a hundred guys sounds easy at the outset — definitely not easy. I would ask for some help from the community so that we could get the cash faster so we could fund a project quicker.”

Peacock says one thing he would love to see happen is an annual roundtable of representatives from all local service groups and organizations in an effort to compare projects, fundraising goals and each other’s calendars.

“Get everybody all together in the same room, give each chair of their service club an opportunity to get up and tell everybody what they’re working on and where they’re trying to get money,” said Peacock. “Sometimes we’re crossing paths with each other. I think that would be good and you might actually gain more participation. Also, there’s only so much money you can pull out of people, why not consolidate our efforts?”

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