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DREAM arena fundraising group reaches 25K milestone

By Michael Christianson

Three months after the Dryden Recreation Extension And Modification (DREAM) committee first put up their fundraising thermometer outside of Memorial Arena the project is already nearing it’s first milestone.

$25,000 is the first line on the thermometer and everyday the team is getting closer said co-chair Janice Radburn.

Recently DREAM participated in the AVIVA community fund but did not garner enough votes to reach round two. Radburn says they learned a lot through that process and she hopes the community is more aware who they are and what they are trying to achieve.

Meanwhile the committee has been looking at the original expansion blueprints from 2010.

“We’re meeting with the original engineers again to review the plans and they’ve been very encouraging in having us go back and revisit the plans and kind of guide us into here’s what we can do first.,” said Radburn. “We’re still waiting to hear from our applications for government funding but I think it’s encouraging that the original engineers are still behind us and want to help us.”

On December 27 the DREAM project will be hosting a social at the Legion to coincide with the Dryden Eagles Alumni Hockey Tournament, everyone is welcome to attends.

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