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Kokom’s expands to Sault Ste. Marie

KokomsBy Michael Christianson

It continues to be an exciting year for Kokom’s Bannock Shack.

After being featured on the Food Network’s program ‘You gotta eat here’ the popular Dryden dining spot that started as a food truck has now opened a second location in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

The new location seats 32 and has a familiar address, situated on Highway 17. Doors opened on May 28, with a grand opening scheduled for June 25.

Owner Josee Racicot says that it’s been a long process and that they are off to a slow start because of delays but says it is going absolutely wonderfully.

“Well that building was not up to code so we went through quite the process of the fire code and everything. We had dealt with a company that took a lot longer than they had said. So it was just one thing after another but it was fun,” explains Racicot. “I had to train a whole new crew there so we have nine employees in The Soo and we have a manager. I spent the whole month up there just training everybody and making sure the bannock was made to perfection, so that was a lot of fun too. We wasted two whole bags of flour to get this bannock to perfection. When I left there they absolutely knew what they were doing and I’m actually quite proud of the crew we have there, all happy go lucky, I love my employees.”

Meanwhile in Dryden the original location is planning to expand to add another 20-30 seats as well as a catering kitchen so that they can cater more to the area.

Over on the Food Network’s website an article entitled 12 Tasty Canadian Indigenous Restaurants has Kokom’s listed first. Racicot says she was surprised by the internet when she was told about that recognition.

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