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Technology and evolving learning at St. Joseph’s

By Michael Christianson

St. Joseph’s school hosted the ‘We learn together’ event after school on April 12 to show parents how technology is being used in their children’s classrooms.

The evening began with dinner and mingling in the gym before Brian Aspinall delivered his keynote address.

Aspinall is a grade 7 and 8 teacher from Chatham, Ontario who spoke first hand about his experiences teaching and utilizing technology in the classroom. He spoke about individual learning with examples of students who didn’t learn in the traditional sense but when the assignments was retooled for a more technology savvy generation that they can prove they know the materials.

“The theme of my presentation is to reevaluate what learning looks like in our school,” said Aspinall. “To go from a factory, one size fits all model to a personal learning environment where all kids are successful.”

Aspinall said he hopes that everyone reflects on how schools have changed.

After the presentation families split off into separate classrooms to learn more about technology in the class. Several classrooms ran presentations and demonstrations about not only technology but also how students are learning.

Stephanie Cran is the St. Joseph’s Parent Council Chair and she also emphasized how rapidly learning is changing.

“What we were trying to do is show parents how technology is being used in their children’s classrooms,” said Cran. “We wanted to specifically focus on math because that’s an area of priority for the school board and the school and we recognize that it’s taught quite differently now than from when we may have been taught in school.”

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