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GALLERY: Dryden Skating Races: Ready, set, GO!

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.


webraces-3By Michael Christianson

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board once again hosted a local tradition last week with the return of skating races.

Hundreds of students from across the region filled up the Dryden Memorial Area on Feb. 18 to compete in the races and to cheer on their friends.

The afternoon saw the return of another tradition, a hockey game of KPDSB staff vs. students from Grade 7 and 8.

The skating races have a long tradition in the community. Bill Salonen began the events back in the 1960s while he was a school teacher. During that time the Lion’s Winter Carnival was being held with different events such as snowmobile races, Salonen created the skating races as an event that all the children could participate in.

Salonen was on hand to see the event he helped create and was happy to see such a large turn out.

Natalie Cote and Shania Gardner finished third and first respectively for St. Joes in the 8 year old girls race.
Natalie Cote and Shania Gardner finished third and first respectively for St. Joes in the 8 year old girls race.

“I think it’s great, it’s very noisy, there’s a lot of kids,” said Salonen. “What I’ve noticed is there are some kids that I don’t think have skated since last year but they go out there and they try, you’ve got to give them credit.”

The skating races were organized by Salonen’s stepdaughter Caley Boyd who says the event has grown since last year.

“I’m even more excited this year because all the schools that came brought K to 8 this year. Every single kid in the school came here,” said Boyd. “It’s really neat to see because at the beginning everyone thinks it’s chaos but as soon as it starts it becomes organized and everything falls into place and we couldn’t be more happy than having everyone here.”

The races brought schools from across the region to Dryden and Boyd was ecstatic to see the community come together again.

“As someone who is from Dryden originally, moved away and came back it’s unbelievable to see the community spirit is still in Dryden. We really need this, we need it as a community a way to focus on how to cheer on not only your own kid but everybody’s kids.”

Dryden Elementary School Skating Races Results, Feb. 18

webraces-175 year old girls

1. Lexi Lapointe – STJ

2. Eloise Marchand – OR

3. Abbey Goulet – STJ

5 year old boys

1. Felix Sapay – NPS

2. Ryan Perkins – STJ

3. Keenan Springett – STJ

6 year old girls

webraces-111. Chelsea Oltsher – NPS

2. Scarlet Lappage – OR

3. Drew Bachynski – STJ

6 year old boys

1. Drake Schneider – OR

2. Felix Sapay – NPS

3. Carter Perrault – NPS

7 year old girls

webraces-61. Jess Sapay – NPS

2. Chelsea Oltsher – NPS

3. Mikinley Gauthier – LB

7 year old boys

1. Findlay Langford – OR

2. Jack Spence – LB

3. Lucas Graver – STJ

8 year old girls

1. Shania Gardner – STJ

2. Jessica Sapay – NPS

3. Natalie Cote – STJ

8 year old boys

1. Findlay Langford – OR

2. Cayson Lambert – STJ

3. Jaxon Tresoor – STJ

9 year old girls

1. Kali Falardeau – OR

2. Shania Gardner – STJ

3. Isabella Reid – OR

9 year old boys

1. Ryder Paquette – STJ

2. Jayce Douglas – STJ

3. Jett Livingston – NPS

10 year old girls

1. Riah Compardo – STJ

2. Kaitlyn Viherjoki – STJ

3. Shania Gardner – STJ

10 year old boys

1. Raiden Trist – OR

2. Brandan Gustafson – STJ

3. Reidar Paquette – STJ

11 year old girls

1. Saige MacLeod – OR

2. Riah Compardo – STJ

3. Krista Porter – OR

11 year old boys

1. Carver Trist – OR

2. Barrett Edenburn – STJ

3. Reidar Paquette – STJ

12 year old girls

1. Riah Compardo – STJ

2. Corissa Jensson – STJ

3. Saige MacLeod – OR

12 year old boys

1. Liam Jones – STJ

2. Owen Gouliquer – NPS

3. Karson Bibeau – STJ

13 year old girls

1. Cali Lappage – STJ

2. Saige MacLeod – OR

3. Lauren Loyer – LB

13 year old boys

1. Ben Hackl – NPS

2. Carter Armstrong – NPS

3. Collin Lapointe – OR

14 year old boys

1. Lane Luhowy – STJ

2. Ben Hackl – NPS

3. Carter Armstrong – OR

Junior Girls Relay Team

1. Saige MacLeod, Meghan Peters, Bella Reid – OR

2. Meagan Lundmark, Tessa McMurrich, Kailin Viherjoki, Alyssa Marion – STJ

3. Miya West, Sydney Oltsher, Kamryn McMenemy, Raegan Meade – NPS

Junior Boys Relay Team

1. Raiden Trist, Sully Langford, Kayden Tavares, Reed McCready – OR

2. Cale Wright, Carver Trist, Dakota Mario, Jeremey Reid – OR

3. William Trist, Adam McQuarrie, Aiden Clarke, Liam Skillen – NPS

Intermediate Girls Relay Team

1. Meagan Lundmark, Cali Lappage, Carly Russell, Hailee Lundmark – STJ

2. Riah Compardo, Julia Jones, Brynn Montgomery, Carissa Jensson – STJ

3. Aimee Warren, Cynthia Terry, Abbie Norris – NPS

Intermediate Boys Relay Team

1. Carter Armstrong, Ben Hackl, Owen Gouliquer, Nick Pinette – NPS

2. Mason Spalding, Aiden Bullock, Jeffrey McMenemy, Josh West – NPS

3. Alyn Gardner, Greg Mol, Jaysen Abraham – OR

Junior Girls Endurance – 5 Laps

1. Riah Compardo – STJ

2. Krista Porter – OR

Junior Boys Endurance – 5 Laps

1. Peter Zilkalns – OR

2. Barrett Edenburn – STJ

3. Calix Kalka – NPS

Intermediate Girls Endurance – 10 laps

1. Cali Lappage – STJ

2. Jayme Desserre – OR

3. Abbie Norris – NPS

Intermediate Boys Endurance – 10 laps

1. Liam Jones – STJ

2. Ben Hackl – NPS

Hockey Teams


Sean Monteith, Andy Kennedy, Vanessa Clarke, Lana Currie, Jack McMaster, Drew Meyers, Randy Allen, Graham Roberts, Bill Reid, Brad Bartlett

Carter Armstrong, Brent Pollard, Ben Hackl, Gavan Wisneski, Mason Spalding, Collin Lapointe, Allyn Gardner, Jason Abraham, Greg Mol, Jamee Desserre, Alyssa McCready, Emily Delorme


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