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New volunteers at helm of summer festival organization

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.


MooseFest, Dryden’s summer festival will continue June 27th to July 6th, 2014. A new group of dedicated volunteers have come forward. They have made a decision to organize the festival under a newly formed corporation rather than to adopt Dryden MooseFest Inc.

The current corporation will be dissolved and the group has plans to implement a new corporation under a new name after they establish themselves for the upcoming festival as a volunteer committee.

The role of MooseFest is to market and promote the events that fall within the date range of the festival each year in order to meet their visions of attracting visitation to our community. This is done through partnerships with local events combined with sponsorships, and volunteers.

Marketing efforts depend on the level of committee volunteers, event organizers, and sponsorships obtained.

Over the past 10 years MooseFest has had a variety of executive directors who brought different passions and talents to the summer festival. The festival would not have started, or continued without the dedication of those directors. The upcoming festival will see yet another change in management, with that bringing renewed passion and enthusiasm that will bring the festival forward for many years to come.

The new organizing committee consists of Pame Williams, Linda Truderung, Kevin Davidson, and Kayla Gadd. With plans to recruit more directors as they establish roles and responsibilities, MooseFest will undergo some changes.

The existing website and social media platforms for the festival were handed over to the new group so there should be little interruption for the fans of MooseFest. The events that have partnered with MooseFest in the past will continue to be the focus for the group as they go forward with forming an event support and growth plan.

Please contact the new group by emailing to find out more about volunteer positions and sponsorship opportunities.


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