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The spirit of summer: Dryden Days of Summer initiative aims to inspire creativity and interaction

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Chris Marchand

With summer in full swing, a community initiative is calling upon residents and the business community to reflect on the summer experience and create new opportunities to enjoy the warm weather and long days.

Working with a loose local committee of interested residents, Tyler Peacock says Dryden Days of Summer is keeping its goals and objectives as open as possible.

“Dryden Days of Summer is about celebrating what summer is in Dryden, what we have here and getting businesses, residents and visitors together to celebrate that,” said Peacock. “It’s very grassroots.”

The idea originated back in late May, when a group of local business owners met at the Riverview Lodge to discuss an effort to boost community pride and interaction. An important component of which could be businesses working with local groups to allow access to parking lots or even interior spaces to host events. Dryden Days of Summer runs every Thursday afternoon into the evening throughout the summer.

Peacock says ‘doing it on the cheap’ is part of the ethos of the movement.

“There’s always high expectations with events. To rein those expectations in we’ve asked people to use Dryden Days of Summer as a body through which people can run their own events that are of no cost to anyone and really boost the spirit of people who are living here. For example, if somebody wanted to host a three-on-three basketball tournament, I’m sure there’s multiple local businesses who would get on board for that. Whether it’s sports, or music, or arts — it could be as big or as small as you want it to be.”

While the group exists to produce a schedule of events Peacock says the Dryden Days of Summer is a primarily user-driven initiative. The weekly schedule of events can be accessed through the group’s Facebook Page, or via advertisements in the local media. Chamber of Commerce members should receive the schedule by email.

Anyone looking to create or host an event, or simply get involved as a volunteer can email to be placed on the schedule.


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