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Resurgence of live music opportunities

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Chris Marchand

You might call it a renaissance for live music in Dryden.

It seems these days there are more and more opportunities to catch a show in a variety of venues around town.

This past week, Guy Gallaway’s regular Open ‘Mic event (held the first Friday of every month at the Masonic Hall) drew a capacity crowd of nearly 90 people to watch a full lineup of local and regional performers that played on well past its posted 10 p.m. finish.

Some local businesses are getting in on the action, like the Riverview Lodge, who has recently taken to hosting small singer-songwriter acts like local duo Jordin Kellar and Adam Tocholke. On April 17, the Lodge will play host to local up-and-comer David ‘Duff’ Huffman.

The Riverview Lodge’s Suzanne Scherban says it’s a great way to spark some mid-week traffic in the Lodge lounge.

“It’s a way to attract different people who wouldn’t normally come in to The Lodge, as well as younger people,” said Scherban. “I always feel that everything in this town is for the older generation. It’s that 18 through 30 age group that are looking for something to do and winter is cold and long.”

Scherban says the performers are compensated on the Lodge’s terms, which is a good deal for everyone.

“It’s what we can afford right now and they love it,” she said. “It brings in their friends and families, it does us good and it does them good — they love to play.”

Queen St.’s The Rock House Tap & Grill has also boosted its number of live acts as of late.

Proprietor Michelle Levesque says most of her hosted acts are bands travelling through the area who have sought her out on the Internet. On Monday night The Rock House hosted country artist Blake Berglund.

“I’ve brought in all kinds of people, from heavy metal bands to country singers and local artists,” says Levesque. “I basically pay for their hotel room for the night, give them the cover charge at the door and buy them dinner. I don’t make any money on it, I just like to have it. Dryden gave me an opportunity, I just like to give everyone else an opportunity. Pay it forward I guess.”

One thought on “Resurgence of live music opportunities

  1. We would like to congratulate all those so dedicated to the live music scene!
    Dryden is so fortunate to have so many musicians of every kind…young and old, and such a variety in the types of music.
    Music is called “The Universal Language” for many reasons and I find that it soothes your soul when you are down and out.
    No matter what kind it is, you have to admire the people that have the guts to get up in front of a group of people or a crowd, to do their thing and bring pleasure. Way to Go!
    Thank you for all the years of letting Kenny and I be a part of the Music scene. You have been so good to us, and we want to continue in the same vein as we have been. Thank you to all.
    Chris you do an awesome job!

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