Fire fighters tackle grass fires

Fire fighters suppress a fire that moved quickly through dry grasses and trees toward a property on Meadows Rd. May 1. The blaze was sparked by nearby welding activity. Photos courtesy Dryden Fire Service

By Dryden Observer Staff

A joint effort between the Dryden Fire Service and Ministry of Natural Resources fire fighters protected a Meadows Rd. home from a grass fire, Tuesday, May 1.

Dryden 911 received a call at 3:30 p.m. for the grass and tree fire that was moving fast towards the residence, several vehicles, and trailers located in the rear yard.

Six apparatus and twenty firefighters from both Dryden halls responded, with assistance coming from a Ministry of Natural Resources with an engine and ground crew.

Two water handlines were used by Dryden firefighters to extinguish the fire, stopping the fire from spreading to the exposures, within fifteen minutes after arrival. Fire crews were on the scene for over an hour suppressing the fire.

The cause of the fire was determined to be welding operations conducted on a roadway near dry grass. The Dryden Fire Service remind all residents to be extra careful in dry and windy conditions with any sparking, hot operations, or campfires.

 Vehicle fire

2) Tuesday May 1, at 8:20pm Dryden 911 received calls for a vehicle fire behind Tim Horton’s on Government St. Four apparatus and sixteen firefighters responded from Dryden Hall 1 and on arrival found the vehicle was located over 300 meters behind Government St., to the North in a grass field forested area. Fire apparatus and crews had to traverse down a gravel road and then into a rutted field, to bring a pumper truck close enough for a water handline to attack and extinguish the vehicle and burning grass.

Fire crews spent about an hour on scene, the cause of this fire appears to be from the stuck SUV vehicle overheating and igniting.

Firefighter hose down an SUV which caught fire after getting stuck and overheating in the field north of TIm Hortons.


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