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DMTS names Hoey interim CEO

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Over the past six weeks, Acting City Manager Linda McNaughton and the DMTS Management Team have worked diligently with Eamon Hoey and Ron Pickett of Hoey Associates Management Consultants Inc. on an Operational Review and Business Strategy for Dryden Municipal Telephone System (DMTS).

The Consultant’s Interim Report was presented to Council at a special closed meeting on Thursday, May 19, 2011. Council and the DMTS Management Team fully endorse the direction proposed in the Interim Report.

Council is pleased to announce effective May 24, 2011, Mr. Eamon Hoey has been appointed by Council as Interim CEO of DMTS. Mr. Hoey’s extensive knowledge and over forty years experience in management and telecommunications will be a tremendous asset to DMTS as the company moves forward with the new Business Strategy. Mr. Hoey will lead the transformation process of establishing DMTS as the leading communications provider in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.

In addition, Mr. Peter Gillis will assume the responsibility as Vice President, Wireless Operation, and Mr. Cam McMillan will assume the responsibility as Vice President of Wireline Operations. Mr. Gillis and Mr. McMillan will report directly to the Interim CEO.

Mr. Gillis and Mr. McMillan, long time employees and residents of the community, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in telecommunication operations that will assist with the implementation of the Business Strategy for DMTS.

Mayor Nuttall remarked “The announcement today is a first step in an exciting, sustainable, and prudent transformation of DMTS.” Mayor Nuttall underlines that “DMTS is an economic engine for Dryden and the region. It is a creator of sustainable jobs.”
“We need to unleash DMTS from the past and encourage it to seize opportunities. Icannot emphasize enough that DMTS is a significant economic enabler for the City of Dryden and the region. We need to ensure it supports long-term economic development” said Mayor Nuttall.

Mr. Hoey commented “DMTS is a jewel in Northwestern Ontario.” “DMTS has a long and proud tradition of serving the Dryden Community.” “It has tremendous opportunity for growth and sustainable revenues.” Hoey says “Our Management Team strategy will exploit regional opportunities, create jobs, and direct profits “to fill potholes”.”


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