Walleye Masters expands scope

City of Dryden Mayor Craig Nuttall, city councillors and community residents and businesses gathered at the Best Western on May 5 for a community forum to learn more about the Shaw Walleye Masters.
With their recent sponsorship of Shaw Cable, the 22nd Walleye Masters will see national television, boat cameras, boom truck cameras, and potentially helicopter cameras.
Jack Dawson, producer from Shaw in Kenora commented, “We were walking through the arena, somebody had mentioned it’s going to be Shaw covering it, and it’s going to be Tommy up in the bleachers shooting down on the stage and I kind of went, no.”
Dawson reported that Shaw will be providing a 40 foot mobile being driven in from Winnipeg, with a professional crew of nine to run the truck, also, five cameras with nine different location shots.
Shaw will be recording live from the arena, the docks and waterfront.  The cameras will also be roaming the streets and the downtown core, interviewing people to find out why they aren’t down at the docks.
Dawson says what isn’t live on television, will be aired within fifteen minutes of recording.  Day one will be aired on Shaw TV from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg and all points in between, which Dawson says is approximately 150,000 homes.
“On Sunday, the first hour will be on Shaw, and then we flip a switch and we go national across Canada going from your 140 (thousand) to approximately 290 to 320,000 viewers,” said Dawson.  “The fishing tournaments get an amazing amount of viewership.  Like country music and Nascar, they are very loyal people.  If they’re not participating, they’re jealous if they’re not here, and want to see who’s here.”
Following the announcements from Shaw, Mayor Craig Nuttall stood up with a very valuable sponsorship of the tournament.
“I have a special account which is for special events, and on behalf of the city we will buy a platinum sponsorship for this because I think it’s great,” said Nuttall.  “I have a few councillors here who I’m sure will back me on this.”
Although the Mayor didn’t specify an amount with the platinum level sponsorship, the criteria for platinum begins at a minimum of $2,000.
For more information on the Shaw Walleye Masters, or to become a sponsor, you can check the website at www.drydenwalleyemasters.ca or call 221-9870.

By Ally Dunham

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