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DRHC names Rowson new CFO

Dryden Regional Health Centre is seeing some big changes in the future starting with a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  Grant Rowson came to DRHC from BDO Dunwoody in Thunder Bay, and brings IT experience as well.  Wade Petranik, CEO of the hospital says Rowson is a welcome addition to the team.
DRHC will be installing solar panels on the roof of the Family Health Team Building, following with the 20-year agreement available through Ontario Hydro.  DRHC went out with a request for proposals for the panels, but due to the changes in procurement rules in the broader public sector, did not receive any bids submitted.
The purchasing team is now in a position to sole source the product, and is in negotiations with a solar company from Atikokan.
“We’re hoping to be able to basically power the clinic building with those solar panels, so that will save us some money,” said Petranik.
Administration is preparing for their accreditation status, which will be evaluated on May 16-18.
“Accreditation Canada is a nation organization that accredits health care facilities and there is about six hundred standards.  They come and do an on-site survey, and talk to folks, and kind of tick off all the standards we’re in compliance with,” says Petranik.
The results will highlight areas of improvements, successes and best practices.  Petranik says they go through the process every three years, and the former inspection resulted in full accreditation for the facility.
“They talk to families and trace them through the system, how they float through the different services in the hospital, their information and the effectiveness of some of those tracers,” said Petranik.  “They do one in obstetrics, they do one in emerg, they do one in surgical services.”
Records, personnel files, orientations, governance functions, leadership functions are all under review.
By Ally Dunham

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