William (Bill) Cobb – April 16, 1944 – February 18, 2011

Bill was born in Dryden, Ontario Canada.
He is survived by his wife, Jan; his son, Mike; his brother, Jack and his sister, Linda.
He started his career at age 16 as a broke hustler in the Pulp and Paper Industry and worked his way up to Superintendent of Power and Utilities at Smurfit Newsprint in Newberg, Oregon. Along the way he attended college at the University of North Dakota where he met and married Jan, his wife of 46 years.
Bill was well-known as a straight shooter, a lovable curmudgeon and a man of integrity who held strong values. He was equally well-known for his generosity and kindness and for being a rock solid husband, father, brother and friend.
Bill was devoted to work both for the means to provide security for his family and for the sheer pleasure of making big machines run well.
He loved river running and loved sharing that passion with others. He guided countless groups down his beloved Deschutes River, making certain everyone had a memorable adventure. Bill, Jan and friends also ran the Grand Canyon, the Pacuare River in Costa Rica and both the Snake and the “River of No Return” in Idaho.
Bill was an active, involved and loving father. He was an Indian Guide Leader, a soccer coach, a 10K running partner and he rarely missed any of Mike’s athletic events. Bill was happiest when Mike could join him on river runs.
Bill had many other passions as well: motorcycles, anything made of stainless steel, cars, handball, Bushmills, good coffee, but above all – dogs. To know Bill was to know his dog, Maggie, because they were never very far apart.
Maggie and Bill spent many happy hours at the Wilsonville Dog Park and Bill was one of the leading members of a volunteer group that worked to improve that facility. He loved the camaraderie of both the dogs and their owners. Maggie often sat on one of the picnic tables beside Bill, both surveying the park, both nibbling on treats.
He loved all dog breeds and had an encyclopedic knowledge of them – it was next to impossible to stump him with a breed question or a dog question of any kind. However, he had a special love for American Staffordshire Terriers (Pit Bulls). For this reason, the family is asking that, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Villalobos Rescue Center, P.O. Box 1544, Canyon Country, CA 91386. www.vrcpitbull.com

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