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Date Night: Carrell and Fey a perfect match

Both Steve Carrell and Tina Fey have had their share of fame and fortune in the past few years; Carrell with The Office and Fey with her incredible imitation of politician Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.
Coming together for Date Night was a no brainer for these two and is just another success to add to their resumes.
Claire and Phil Foster are just a boring couple from New Jersey, stuck in a rut and worried about their future together.
When Phil decides to shake up date night with a trip into the city, their night turns from boring and routine to outrageous and crazy.
When the two can’t get a table at Claw, the hottest new restaurant in Manhattan, the two steal reservations under the name Triplehorn.
After numerous bottles of wine and a meal they can barely afford, trouble arrives in the form of two thugs.
When two armed men escort them from the restaurant, the Fosters find themselves in a simple case of mistaken identity.
They’re not the Triplehorns but big names in the world of crime think they are because what kind of people steal dinner reservations?
Now the two are running for their lives all over New York in a hilarious goose chase for a flash drive containing black mail photos and the real Triplehorns.
They are aided in their insane plans from private security and tech junky Holbrooke Grant, played by Mark Walberg, who has an obsession of constantly going shirtless and keeping Claire in fits of giggles and flirtatious chatter.
When the two realize that turning to the police may put them in even more danger and not everyone is as they seem, the two have no choice but to take matters into their own hands and bring down a crime lord and crooked public figures.
The Fosters go from being the average American couple to repeat offenders in a matter of hours, breaking into offices and apartments, stealing files and running from the police, all to hunt down a computer sticky thingy and save their butts.
The two comedian actors definitely do not disappoint in the hilarious yet suspenseful film.
With witty remarks, gun fights, car chases and one laugh after another, it’s not a movie to miss.

By Sarah Madussi

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