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Mitani/Lundmark score Walleye Masters win

Dryden’s 2010 Walleye Masters Champions Darcy Mitani and Lonnie Lundmark, who finished the tournament with a two-day weight of 24.72 lbs.

With day one starting out cold and windy, the 21st Annual Dryden Walleye Masters held on June 19 and 20, brought out 80 teams and 160 anglers.

Although the winners were one pound off the big fish of the tournament, they did have big fish of the day for Saturday, and the top weight at 24.72 lbs.  Darcy Mitani and Lonnie Lundmark, ironically Team #1, weighed in their big fish at 8.16 lbs, with a total day one weight of 16.82 lbs.

First place was awarded $8000 and their names on the trophy, second place left with $3000 and third place was $2000.

As family friends, these two anglers have been fishing the Walleye Masters together for eight years.  The pair say the secret to winning the Walleye Masters is knowing a lot of spots to fish, with adjustments for the weather.

“We had a good basket to start the day, but that big fish is what wins tournaments,” says Lundmark.  “You have to have one kicker fish.”

Lundmark, who actually hooked the big one, claims when it’s all over, he’s heading to the tattoo shop to have a walleye tattooed on his back.

Calling Mitani the “extreme net man”, it was a long net that saved the day.

“I netted it, and I almost missed it but I managed to hang on.  I have a nine foot net, so I managed to reach out and get it,” said Mitani.

Team #14, Jessica Salinas and Rychalynn Mihalick brought in the big fish for the day on Sunday as well as overall at 9.14 lbs., giving them a total weight over the two days of 17.86 lbs.

Salinas has been in the tournament for nine years, but this is the first year for Mihalick.  Although, day one saw a 1 lb. penalty for having a stressed fish, and day two brought a bilge pump problem that left the ladies bailing a lot of water, the team did very well overall.

When asked how it felt to beat all the men, Salinas answered, “Wonderful!  It was just great to beat my brother!”

Ally Dunham

Final standings

The top women’s team was Rychalynn Mihalick and Jessica Salinas.

Top mixed team was Stacey Hanton and Lisa Kooshet finishing in 19th place.

Top adult/youth team was Kyle Szachury and Dylan Smith finishing in 22nd place.

Boat motor and trailer draw winner was Travis and Sarah Wood, finishing in 39th place.

Pl.  Name                                   Final Wgt.

1   Darcy Mitani, Lonnie Lundmark             24.72

2   Dean McDonald, Brendan McDonald             23.4

3   Mike Parenteau, Al Parenteau             22.52

4   Dan Daciw, Andy Colla                         22.46

5   Tanner McDonald, Russ McDonald             21.34

6   Bill Harrington, Jeff Storrey             20.74

7   Karl Knudsen, Colin Knudsen             20.44

8   Brandon Kamm, Cliff Sutherland             20.0

9   Jason Rostek, Mike Sheppard             19.92

10 Jeff Dingwall, Blair Dingwall             19.86

11 Michael Cortens, Tommy Cortens             19.08

12 Darren Kennedy, Jeremy Kennedy             18.38

13 Larry Meadows, Jared Meadows             18.36

14  Jessica Salinas, Rychalynn Mihalick             17.86

15  Henry Dudgeon, Steve Kenuck             17.6

16  Russ Pearson, Dorian Lindholm             17.28

17  Greg Allan, Rick Sanderson             17.16

18  Frank McWhinnie, Frank Grunewald 16.98

19  Stacey Hanton, Lisa Kooshet             16.92

20  Scott Lee, David Compardo             16.78

21 Chris Adams, Marlon Gardner             16.36

22  Kyle Szachury, Dylan Smith             16.12

23  Guy Shoguchi, Barry Shoguchi             16.1

24  Fred Mota, Darren Haney                         15.94

25  Jack Hawkins, Jared Ternowski             15.5

26  John Butts, Sandro Fragale             15.34

27  Bryan Bakos, Jennifer Bakos             15.2

28  Dennis Wintle, Travis Wintle             14.94

29  Brett Meyers, Nathan Brigham             14.8

30  Rob Beasant, Dave Desaulniers             14.76

31  Mike Mackie, Scott Lobreau             14.52

32  Richard Haukeness, Sandra Haukeness             13.98

33  Chris Oakes, Robert Melanson             13.86

34  Brian Olinik, Brad Olinik                         13.3

35  Wayne Cervin, Antti Kuokkanen             12.88

36  Chris Wrolstad, Jamie Gould             12.82

37  Gary Dickey, Judi Simmons             12.72

38  Richard Wetelainen, Steve Parenteau             12.36

39  Travis Wood, Sarah Wood                            7.16

40  Donald Yurkiw, Dave Medwid             12.1

41  Jay Samsal, Scott Dingwall             11.86

42  Joe Barron, Carissa Lundmark             11.78

43  S.J. Carruthers, Ray Herr                         11.78

44  Ken Gardner, Ruben Cantin             11.64

45  Charlie Alexander, Mary Ann Alexander             11.56

46  Rob Chrest, David Merrifield             11.48

47  Ian Bachmann, Gary Kereliuk             11.48

48 Lorne Taylor, Michelle Pinette             11.26

49  Vern Jacobson, Lee Morriseau             10.66

50   Brendon Loney, Shane Scott             10.6

51  Keith Hryciw, Craig Paul                         10.52

52  Sean Klim, Ben Ellwood                         10.44

53   Bryan Vansteenkiste, Barb Vansteenkiste             10.4

54   Earl Gillis, Sherri Otway                         10.3

55   Shaun Gustafson, Tracy Gustafson             10.28

56   Rob Shaffer, Enrique Salinas             10.22

57   Cam McMillan, Darren Armstrong             10.18

58   David Bell, Justin Bodnarchuk             10.06

59   Ted Lake, Russ Wesley                         9.84

60   Jesse Laybourne, Don Laybourne             9.74

61   Alex Finlayson, Peter McKeown             9.74

62   Joe Ruete, Trent Kujansuu             9.64

63   Floyd Temple, Arnie Jansen             9.6

64   Dale Hayward, Mark Vermette             9.5

65   Brent Nickle, Graeme Nickle             8.92

66   Scott Calberry, Ryan O’Connor              8.8

67   Bryan Meadows, Mathew Meadows             8.74

68   Warren Kujansuu, Ron Kujansuu             8.74

69   Stephen Viherjoki, Chuck Schmidt             8.28

70   John Harrison Sr., Dean Ledoux             8.22

71   Erwin Pietila, Ted Halvorsen             8.08

72   Larry Russell, Angela Murray             7.92

73   Cory Roulston, Toni Ryan             7.26

74   Dennis Lawryniuk, John Turner             6.84

75   Lloyd Gillis, Jeremy Benjamin             6.6

76   Terry Menard, Mathew Wilson             6.08

77   Brad Anderson, Sharon Meilleur             10 6

79   Doug Schatkowsky, Don Romas             3.88

80   Jim Follis, Matthew Wilding             1.94

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