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Alice in Wonderland: Tim Burton plays it down for the kids

Alice in Wonderland: Tim Burton plays it down for the kids

There’s no denying that the original Alice in Wonderland was weird and some people may say that the creators of the fairy tale were influenced by one substance or another when writing the tale. Add director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp into the mix and they could have had one terrifying flick.

Surprisingly enough, they didn’t. Alice in Wonderland sticks to its roots of a childhood story even though Alice is 19 and being pressured to get married.

See, the latest Alice in Wonderland is a sequel of sorts. Nineteen-year-old Alice (Mia Wasikowska) has been having the same dream since she was a little girl. A white rabbit in a waistcoat, a dodo bird, a smiling cat and a blue caterpillar run around in her mind.

When she sees the white rabbit at a party, she takes off after it and falls down the very same hole in her dream. She goes through the growing and shrinking process to get through doors and finds herself in Underland. Yes, that’s Underland.

Little does she know, her dreams are just memories from her childhood. Alice has been to Underland before but always referred to it as Wonderland.

All of the characters are there from her first visit but they’re unsure if they brought the right Alice back to Underland. She, herself, is still convinced it’s a dream.

But, there is more pressing matters at hand. The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) stole the crown from the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) and all of Underland is in shambles and terrified for their lives. The Knave of Hearts (Crispin Glover) and his army chase Alice around Underland and run her right into the hands of the Mad Hatter (Depp) who is more than eager to help her escape.

Unfortunately, all of her running around runs her into the Red Queen’s castle and the Mad Hatter is captured, set for a beheading unless the good creatures of Underland and Alice can save him in time.

The only way to stop the terror is to steal the Vorpal Sword from the Red Queen, slay her precious Jabberwocky, and put the White Queen back on the thrown.

All of this is to take place on the Frabjous Day as predicted by Absolom, the blue caterpillar. Alice is sure that she’s not the right person for the job but Absolom shows her that she is in fact the right Alice.

Not nearly as scary and creepy as it very well could have been, Alice in Wonderland is movie set for all ages. Words of warning, it’s still Alice in Wonderland and it’s still weird but if nothing else, you can see the Mad Hatter do a Fudderwupping dance and it’s pretty funny.

– Sarah Madussi

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