Obituaries — 13 October 2009

In loving memory of Hartley Weston, who followed the pioneers.

Hartley was born to Kathleen and Alfred “Fritz” Weston on August 12, 1935 beside Howie Bay in Red Lake, to the sound of aircraft taking off and landing. His love for aviation never faded, when he could no longer fly, he relived his 35 years of love and wonder of the North by writing his book “Shadows on the Wind”.

He is survived by his loving wife Jennifer, son Lawrence, and daughters Val and Francie of Alberta, one sister and numerous nieces and nephews.

Thank you to all of his wonderful friends, who helped us during this painful time.

At Hartley’s request there was no service.


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  1. Hello, If this is the same Hartley Weston who was an A.M.E.If so I worked or met him circa 1968 in Winnipeg and often wondered what became of him. I too held an A.M.E. Licence since 1972 ( Historica Licence WGM 846) I spent 10 years working for Perimeter Aviation and then Aero Trades Western and then on my own FBO called ProFlite Services Ltd. for 28 years. I remember Hartley as a man driven by aviation. He and I had one thing in common besides aviation and that would you believe our first names.
    Where could I get a copy of his book Shadows on the Wind.

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