If you have a travel blog, then one of the best ways to market it is by printing a custom t shirts that would advertise your services. T-shirts, after all, are must-haves in every person’s wardrobe, so these are definitely practical methods for advertising since people buy shirts oftentimes.

If you’re one who loves to travel and have a blog site of your own, start making your own t-shirt designs to gain more traffic!

Know Your Audience

Trends change from time to time, and it’s important to put into consideration what your audience might like. If you’re targeting a certain age group, then it’s helpful to create a design that would suit their palette. You’re targeting travelers, so this would be your demographic.

Find Your Niche

While it’s good to market your shirts to a very wide audience as it shows your creative flexibility, it’s also good to find a niche you could specialize in. Find a style you want to be known for. When people shop, they would recognize it’s yours. It could be anything travel-related so that your audience can relate.

Create a Budget and Timeline

When it’s time to produce shirts, having a budget is also important. When creating a budget, you must also consider the number of shirts you wish to produce under a given timeline.

Play Around with Colors

Choosing the right colors play an important factor in your design. The colors can break-or-make your total output. You don’t want your design to be masked by your shirt’s color.

Choose Quality Fabric

Shirts are made out of different fabrics, and some can be less pleasing than others. People who buy shirts do not only look at the design but also the quality of the shirt.

Choose a T-Shirt Type

Shirts also come in different types – polo-neck, v-neck, round neck, short or long sleeves. Once you have a design, it is important to choose a shirt type that would match to get the aesthetic you envisioned.

Have Good Design Placement

After creating the design you want, you must factor in where you would want your design to be placed in your shirt. Most designs are placed at the front-center but you could get creative by using the back portion to display your design, logo or brand.

Choose the Right Size

If you choose to print small designs, it is much preferable to pick a shirt that would make your design pop. For example, small designs get lost in large-sized shirts.

Choose the Right Typography

Using the right typography can greatly improve your design if you make use of words. It is best to find typography that makes your logo or design readable, clean yet striking to the audience.

Find Ideal Printing Options

It is good to find a printing option that would make your design last and look good on fabric. There are different techniques for printing such as direct-to-garment, heat press, screen printing, and dye sublimation.

Choose a Designer

A good design is the foundation of a marketable shirt. Hiring an expert can exponentially give you the advantage of producing quality logos or images.

Source a Good Printer

You don’t want your design to look blotched, thus it is also as important to source a reliable and reputable printer.

Learn More about Shirt Culture

Shirts have been recognized from its subcultures may it be from pop culture, iconic movies, music, sports, etc. Having an idea on this aspect can help you come up with marketable designs.

Put Some Humor

Some shirts succeed when they are injected with a little bit of humor. Don’t go all out as it may seem cheap or offensive.

Be Original

Although the following trends is a good thing, it’s also important to create something new. Originality gives your design personality and differentiates you from the crowd.

With these, you’ll be able to gain more traffic on your travel site and even market your platform naturally without making too much effort. Give these a go and watch your travel site flourish in no time.

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