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The Contrarian: Be Grateful

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The view from my kitchen window is across the skateboard park and soccer fields, with highway 17 forming the skyline. This skyline features the pretty little pine grove next to Pizza Hut, but more importantly, it features the Husky flag; so impressive even a half a mile away.

Well, except it disappeared about a year ago, getting pretty shabby, some guys came and tried to replace it in a windstorm, next morning the flag was gone! For a whole year! Anyway, a new flag appeared a few weeks ago, and what a joy to see it there, a sign of stability and peace in what seems to be troubled times.

It is so easy for us old guys to get depressed as we look at world news, Iran and Israel with rockets ready to roll, held back only by the Russians behind Iran and the US behind Israel. Financial crashes of all kinds being predicted. China dominating everywhere. Dictatorships rising everywhere. Trends already past their prime pushing past the point of ridiculous, passing even my favourite example — when we got so prudish a hundred and fifty years ago we were putting skirts on our pianos as it was obscene for the piano to be showing its legs! And the interesting part is that those pushing these ‘modern’ trends so often do not even see the silliness!

But forget about these negatives, this is the time of year for celebration of the positives.

We have passed the shortest day of the year, days now getting longer. Our local lakes are frozen over now, so we will have a lot less cloud and a lot more sunshine, and that will lift our mood – reports are that ice fishermen are doing very well!

Aside from religious festivals, we should celebrate our fortunate position compared with most of the world, no natural catastrophes like earthquakes, massive fires, floods, plagues. Our self-sufficient little community looking after itself and its people. A bright future as we see all kinds of business’s advertising for help. A brisk real estate market. New investment. Senior’s buildings under construction. Endless possibilities. And we should celebrate that new flag out on the highway.

Almost like a proclamation that yes, Dryden is here, loud and proud. Canada and especially our part of it has so much going for it, so much country and so many natural resources for so few people compared with the rest of the world, we are indeed blessed.

And the sun will shine tomorrow! Happy 2019!

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