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The Outrageous Adventures of Sheldon & Mrs. Levine

Just like that the 2018 Sunset Thespians’ Dinner Theatre season at the Best Western Plus Dryden ends!

Ted Mitchell as Sheldon Levine while writing home to his mother, played by Amy Maua. Photo by Michael Christianson

The Sunset Thespians’ creative Producer/Director team of Irene Skene and Marjorie Salavich brought the comedy “The Outrageous Adventures of Sheldon & Mrs. Levine” to life with eye-catching detail.

With a fabulous cast, the incredibly awesome Amy Maua and the amazingly multi-talented Ted Mitchell, it quickly became obvious that everyone in the audience was having a blast during this show. This performance had visual appeal, killer monologues, and powerhouse performances. The combination of scripts, props, voices, and humour absolutely stole the show.

Performed on the Sunset Room’s stage, the set’s design allowed for an effective transition to a variety of locations for the characters’ travels, and simple but spot-on costume design allowed for incredibly quick character changes. Visual projections of places and scenes around the country took the audience to the towns where the stories were being told.

There was a lot of humour in the performance. Amy’s characterization of the over-bearing Doris Levine was flawless. Her comedic timing was perfection, and most effective delivered in the New York accent she maintained throughout the play.

When discussing embarrassing moments about everything that has gone wrong in his life, and blaming his mother, Ted effectively slid into the role of her prodigal son, Sheldon. His strong vocals and brilliant musical act were outstanding, drawing spontaneous applause from the audience.

Between scenes the audience was treated to a delicious three-course sitdown dinner created by the Best Western’s Head Chef, Karl Huffman, which received rave reviews.

As everyone knows, “Laughter is brightest where food is best”, and it was fabulous. Proceeds from Sunset Thespians and the Best Western Dryden’s dinner theatre productions will be awarded to successful applicants graduating from Dryden High School who are furthering their education in the Performing Arts.

What began as a vision for Dryden’s Best Western Plus Manager, Mike Readman, became a reality – a reality that saw an audience sent home sated, entertained, and wanting for more. Rest assured… it will be interesting to see in their future dinner theatre works, how these teams of thespians and culinary artists humourously interweave life’s unusual moments. For information on future performances follow the Best Western Dryden on Facebook or visit www.

For future auditioning announcements, check out the Sunset Thespians Dryden on Facebook or contact the Sunset Thespians by email:

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