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Songs of a Prince

William Prince opened up the 2018/19 Dryden Entertainment Series with his deep voice, soulful songs and captivating stories.

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Prince seemed to be in high spirits playing at the Centre, his recent whirlwind of work had took him to Denmark, back to Canada, and over to England and before landing on a stage in Dryden.

His feeling of being blessed easily rubbed off onto the audience, as he seemed thankful just to be there, and to be alive.

Prince told stories of success and struggles and his recent life being a father that resonated with the concert crowd. Prince has built on the success of his album Earthly Days which won the 2017 Juno Award for Contemporary Roots Album of the Year and he continues to tour and record all over the world thanks to that album’s success.

Prince was raised on the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba where he first picked up a guitar at age nine.

He credits many inspirations but the most significant was his father who was a preacher and a musician.

The Dryden Entertainment Series continues on October 13 with a performance by the Toronto Dance Theatre.

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