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Restoration completed on Max the Moose

Max the Moose recently received a bit of a facelift in the form of restoration. Artist Willene Moffatt said it has been well over ten years since Max had any work done and having just turned 56 he was ready for a touch up.

Moffatt says she worked with Nicole Gale, Kent Sinclair from Terra Deco and Northtown Masonry.

“They fixed his antlers, they had holes in them and there were all sorts of little spots that were missing bits so they fixed that all up and sanded him and they cleaned all the mold and lichen off him and fixed him all up and then painted him all the same colour, all brown. Then I, as the artist, wet ahead and painted him all over again with all the shading with his muscles and highlights. So, he looks absolutely fantastic.”

Moffatt added that a lot of tourist come into the Naked North gallery and are amazed by Max.

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