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A wonderful day for pie

The Dryden Area Young Professionals Network hosted the annual Dryden Day’s of Summer Pie Contest last week and no one had a better time than the lucky judges who got to eat them.

Good to the last bite. Contest judges (left to right) Mary Trist, Gary Nickle, Charlene Everett and Lloyd Napish took on the tough job of tasting and judging this year’s pies. Photos by Michael Christianson

There were two pies submitted this year by Shilah Hadley and Amy Maua, but in the end Hadley won with her maple bourbon peach pie.

Hadley said she stepped out of her comfort zone this year to make something different. “It’s cool to know the pies that I make are quite enjoyable, considering that a lot of people think that I’m just young and don’t know what I’m doing in the kitchen so that’s awesome,” said Hadley.

The four lucky judges this year were Charlene Everett, Lloyd Napish, Gary Nickle and Mary Trist. They judged on not only taste but appearance and originality as well. “I’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment, I was asked about a week ago by Dayna at the library and I’ve been thinking about it the entire time and really was looking forward to it,” said Trist.

“There were two pies we got to taste and judge, they were both absolutely delicious, so it was actually very difficult to make a decision as to which one was the best pie.”

The Dryden Area Young Professionals Network thanks all the judges who hlped out as well as Kano Reid for lending them supplies and Wilson’s for the table.

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