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Dryden angler goes international with online outdoors radio show

Local professional angler, John Butts, working on the development of his new radio show, That Outdoor Show, heard internationally online. Photo by Ally Dunham

Local angler John Butts is moving into the world of radio.  Creating a new online radio show with partner Richie Boggs from Minnesota, their weekly “That Outdoor Show” can be heard all across North America.

The two angler/hunters discuss many topics in the industry, focusing on many different topics.  There is nothing off limits with this pair, and discussion is open to “the good, the bad and the ugly.”
Having just produced their third episode on February 10, the duo feature nationally recognized outdoor personalities from all across North America.  Discussions will take place on a variety of topics, and not focused solely on sponsor product.
“We’re going to talk about fishing and hunting, what’s going on in the industry, what’s new, what’s old, what’s in, what’s out.  We’ll talk about the good stuff and the not so good stuff.  We’re not going to hold anything back as far as that’s concerned,” commented Butts.
Boggs and Butts have been touring partners on the professional tour for the last ten years and have a long-standing friendship.
“It was just something I decided to come up with to help promote my sponsors, myself, Richie.  There’s a few out there right now (radio shows), but I think, we’re kind of taking from the angle that it’s going to be fun, entertaining, bring on guests, and bring as many people in as we can,” says Butts.
Working from a home studio and using technology such as Skype, Butts says it was a lot of work, but once he figured out the system, it’s working great.
“We’re working on tweaking the audio a little bit and getting some new equipment and a new mic.”
Having many contacts in the industry, Butts says a request has already come in to carry their radio show by a large angling organization.
Each show is approximately 30 minutes each and can be heard at and on the John Butts Outdoors Facebook page.
Butts is currently working on uploading all the shows onto YouTube to make it easier for listeners.

By Ally Dunham

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