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Observer Poll #6 Measuring the mood of voters

This week’s Observer Community Poll is a simple one that aims to measure the mood of voters in the Northwest as we enter a federal election. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading [...]

Observer Poll results: Time-Of-Use rates closely observed

The results from the Dryden Observer’s community Poll #5, March 23-29 — 68 respondents. [...]

Observer Community Poll #5 — adapting to higher electricity costs

This week’s Observer Community Poll hopes to gain some insight on local residents’ efforts to conserve energy and save money in the wake of significant increases to electricity costs in the province of Ontario due to [...]

Observer Poll Results: Nuclear Waste in the Northwest

The results of the weekly Dryden Observer online poll, from March 16-21. [...]

Observer Poll #4 Nuclear waste disposal in the Northwest

This week’s Dryden Observer Community Poll is hoping to draw out some local opinions on the issue of burying nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario, a topic that has occupied newspaper pages in the Northwest for over [...]

Observer Poll results March 8-14, Cultural Planning

No – 61.2 per cent – 74 votes Yes – 38.8 per cent – 47 votes A total of 121 respondents in previous week’s observer community poll offered their opinion on the question of whether Dryden [...]

OBSERVER POLL: Should we pay a municipal cultural planner?

In anticipation of the passage of the city budget in mid-March, this week’s burning question is whether or not you think the city should include funds for a Municipal Cultural Planner on the city of Dryden [...]

Community Poll Results: file-sharing tops list

From March 1-7 Dryden Observer readers were asked how their family has adapted to the closure of the local video over the past summer. It appears our 47 respondents are accessing movies and entertainment in a [...]

OBSERVER POLL: Movie Night in Dryden

Welcome to the Observer online’s second community poll. This week we’ll steer our attention away from the latest draft of the city budget to examine our habits around ‘the boob-tube’, a popular place to be in [...]

OBSERVER POLL: What do you think should be Dryden’s top budget priority in 2011?

69 respondents, Feb. 24-28. Thanks for participating everyone! A new feature to the Observer website, the results of a new weekly poll will be featured in the print edition of the Dryden Observer. THIS WEEK’S SURVEY [...]