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Observer Poll: Does the Dryden cenotaph need an upgrade?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.   Editorial Neon Cenotaph: cheesy or cherished? By Chris Marchand In these times of economic tribulation, it’s a tough sell indeed to suggest costly [...]

POLL: A mountain lion in northwestern Ontario?

POLL: A mountain lion in northwestern Ontario?

The latest in the ongoing search to confirm the existence of the eastern mountain lion in Northwestern Ontario comes from Ear Falls area resident David Beaudry who captured this image on a trail cam, Aug. 31. [...]

OBSERVER POLL: Should the city sell DMTS?

OBSERVER POLL: Should the city sell DMTS?

EDITORIAL Is it none of your business? So this week’s hot-button poll issue was a bit of a stunt on our part. Continually touted as a local taxpayer asset, I’ve always had a great deal of [...]

Observer Poll: Does Dryden need a highway bypass?

This week’s two-part question asks Dryden area residents to weigh in on the contentious and unresolved issue of a highway bypass in Dryden. Long supported by frustrated local motorists and opposed by the highway corridor business [...]

Observer Poll #12 — Is ‘Open Roads’ the right name for the new Riverview School? Apparently not…

The selection of the name ‘Open Roads’ for The Keewatin-Patricia District’s School Board’s newest elementary school, set to open in the fall, has caused a bit of a stir among residents of Dryden and former students [...]

Observer Poll #10: Should the city of Dryden abandon its solar park project?

The city of Dryden was among the first municipalities in Ontario to investigate the potential for selling renewable energy to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) as a municipal revenue stream. At first lobbying to overcome initial [...]

Observer Poll #8 Your best guess for open water on Wabigoon Lake

For the past century, the annual spring break-up on Wabigoon Lake has been an item of much entertaining speculation among the residents of Dryden and surrounding area. Detailed records on ice-out dates have been kept dating [...]

Observer Poll #7 – Recreation priorities in Dryden

Where do your sympathies lie in the evolving development of local recreation facilities — increasingly linked to grassroots fundraising campaigns in recent years. Where do you think local tax dollars or government funding should be directed [...]