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‘Lifestyle’ the new frontier of public health

Editorial There’s this thing that happens to you after age 35. Where once it seemed you were able to abuse your body with a measure of impunity, you suddenly find pants you could rely on for [...]

Interface a root problem

I suspect there are probably a few thousand people in this community more qualified to opine on the state of local healthcare than I. However, here I am. In the course of my duties manning this [...]

EDITORIAL: Stirring the coals of Tow #4

By Chris Marchand There was a moment in Dryden Mayor Greg Wilson’s speech at the Dryden Business Excellence Awards that snapped me to full attentive engagement from my usual posture of aloof detachment. Bonny Skene told [...]

Toast can never be bread again…

In my mail this week I got an interesting little notice in the mail from Hydro One — the letter was reminding me of how much more electricity I use than my neighbours and that I [...]

EDITORIAL: Creatures of habit

I used to write letters I used to sign my name I used to sleep at night Before the flashing light settled deep in my brain — From ‘We Used To Wait’, by The Arcade Fire [...]

EDITORIAL: Dredging up a painful past

If I’ve learned one thing in my 11 years at this newspaper and 30 years as a resident of Dryden, it is that the question of mercury in the Wabigoon River is so mired in racial [...]

EDITORIAL: Impaired strategy needs to ‘get real’

I have to question the wisdom of the Dryden and Area Impaired Reduction Strategy (DAIRS) and the Northwestern Health Unit as they fire their first volley in a campaign to curb impaired driving as graduation season [...]

EDITORIAL: Alberta fires make a good case for emergency prep

It’s somewhat of a sick twist of fate that National Emergency Preparedness Week May 1-7 fell within the same timeframe as once of the largest natural catastrophes in Canada’s recent memory. Watching a forest fire take [...]

EDITORIAL: Health care levy? Are we seriously talking about this?

It says a lot about the state of things in our province to see Dryden Regional Health Centre’s Chuck Schmitt appear before council on bended knee to request they take the extraordinary measure of taxing residents [...]

EDITORIAL: Beyak brings sweet relief from CAO instability

The idea of local businessman Nick Beyak stepping into the role of city manager on an interim basis is an intriguing one, to be sure. It’s just nice to feel any other emotion but disappointment when [...]