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Who speaks for the lake people?

Is there a ray of hope for the long suffering, neglected former residents of Barclay? Well no, probably not. But, you may have heard rumblings from the north-east that the town of Hudson recently got its [...]

EDITORIAL: Don’t pick a side, just get on with your life

“Don’t be surprised when we elect another liar, Have we learned nothing from five seasons of The Wire? When it comes down to it, everybody meant well Before their lives went to hell.” -From the song [...]

EDITORIAL: Start work on homelessness issues before they manifest

Dryden might be the only major community in the Kenora district without an emergency shelter for the homeless, but it’s not without problems that will need to be addressed, says the CAO of the Kenora District [...]

Inspired by Eagles

Don’t call it a Cinderella story. The tale of the 2016 Dryden High School Eagles Football squad is one of tyrannical dominance forged in the pain of a soul-crushing defeat after last season’s semi-final. It’s a [...]

‘Lifestyle’ the new frontier of public health

Editorial There’s this thing that happens to you after age 35. Where once it seemed you were able to abuse your body with a measure of impunity, you suddenly find pants you could rely on for [...]

Interface a root problem

I suspect there are probably a few thousand people in this community more qualified to opine on the state of local healthcare than I. However, here I am. In the course of my duties manning this [...]

EDITORIAL: Stirring the coals of Tow #4

By Chris Marchand There was a moment in Dryden Mayor Greg Wilson’s speech at the Dryden Business Excellence Awards that snapped me to full attentive engagement from my usual posture of aloof detachment. Bonny Skene told [...]

Toast can never be bread again…

In my mail this week I got an interesting little notice in the mail from Hydro One — the letter was reminding me of how much more electricity I use than my neighbours and that I [...]

EDITORIAL: Creatures of habit

I used to write letters I used to sign my name I used to sleep at night Before the flashing light settled deep in my brain — From ‘We Used To Wait’, by The Arcade Fire [...]

EDITORIAL: Dredging up a painful past

If I’ve learned one thing in my 11 years at this newspaper and 30 years as a resident of Dryden, it is that the question of mercury in the Wabigoon River is so mired in racial [...]