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Debriefing the Pinewood debacle

By Chris Marchand Well, the smoke has cleared, the people have spoken and in the end Keewaytinook Okimakanak and the Keewatin Patricia District School Board decided that the conditions are not favourable to pursue their plans [...]

The Contrarian: A page out of Willy Brant’s diary

By Mel Fisher I got this big old poplar tree, I mean a really big one. Kind of leans toward the house, well, I guess you would call it a cabin more, only two rooms, and [...]

May 1, 1987

By Jerry Wilson It was a clear morning on May 1st, 1987.  The sky was a cold light blue, not summer blue. It was close to  freezing. I went into town at 8:30 and got a [...]

Classic Dryden: Hockey clichés endure all

By Martin Wightman Sports coverage has always been a media sector rife with clichés. With National Hockey League playoff season in high gear, the air is full of advice: Keep your stick on the ice, get [...]

A brief history of misbehaving teenagers

A brief history of misbehaving teenagers

By Spuro Sourtzis Many people comment today about the nature of teenagers, and how bad they are. But if we look at stories of teenagers, once told by Mrs. Sybil Willard, Tom Leach and Jock Ferguson, [...]

Bird Droppings: Wolf Woofs

By Jerry Wilson A few weeks ago I phoned Cecily from work to tell her to bring Sam in at dark and put a chair in front of the doggie door because the wolves had been [...]

From Queen’s Park: Supporting our tourism industry is priority number one

By Sarah Campbell, MPP Kenora-Rainy River Last week our region’s tourism industry was blindsided by the news that the three provincially funded Tourist Information Centres in our region would close permanently this spring. This decision is [...]

Join the bicycling revolution

“Everybody, I know you can believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike!” By Martin Wightman With this phrase, a now famous Youtube video gave us all a [...]

The Sea of Tranquility

By Jerry Wilson The full moon rose fat and placid looking behind wispy clouds on Good Friday. We were on our way back from Kenora. On every stretch of highway that pointed southeast the moon was [...]

Downtown is re-inventing itself, let’s celebrate it

Submitted by Mardi-Lee Plomp Can you see it? Can you feel it? The face of Dryden is changing as the downtown revitalizes and looks to the future. The doom and gloom attitude that was once so [...]