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EDITORIAL: Beyak’s message drawn from the darkest corners of the settler psyche

By Chris Marchand It’s obvious that Senator Lynn Beyak persists on her chosen path because she has no shortage of people telling her she’s got it right. Not very many are prepared to admit that in [...]

EDITORIAL: Blinded by Christmas lights

I have to hand it to Ontario Parks — they seem to understand the spectrum of outdoor experience in ways most people never stop to think about. Throughout late July and early August I towed a camper [...]

Learning the hard way

It’s been about a year since I struck the match that began the Dryden Observer’s Reckless Revival – A Series on Youth Drinking and Impaired Driving. It began right here as I questioned the wisdom of [...]

Worth getting mad about?

Everyday Canadians would do well to opt-out of getting too emotional over U.S. President Donald Trump’s NAFTA shenanigans as of late. Note the careful, measured responses of Canadian officials to the rekindling of a 35 year-old [...]

EDITORIAL: The real cost of alcohol

By Dr. Kit Young Hoon, Northern Health Unit Medical Oficer of Health Would it shock you if you found out tobacco use costs the Canadian healthcare system over a billion dollars a year? Well, the cost is [...]

A new temperance?

The past year’s discussion on youth drinking, impaired driving and now the culture of alcohol use in the northwest has been interesting and challenging to many of my assumptions. As the Northwestern Health Unit embarks on [...]

Spare us the mind games

It was interesting timing that Kathy Zilkalns’ letter should arrive this week on Hydro One’s quizzical Home Energy Dashboard strategy to get people to consider home energy conservation. Perhaps you’ve seen something in the mail that [...]

Sit down, Senator

Editorial By Chris Marchand I’ve debated this week over whether to wade into the issue of our local Senator Lynn Beyak’s cringe-worthy comments to the senate about Residential Schools, particularly in light of the fact that [...]

This is how you get ants

The headline of this column is an allusion to a funny bit from the show Archer, that has taken on a new life as an Internet meme — a way to express a cultural idea through [...]

Power struggle

Dryden’s Kristen Pacheco is currently studying at McMaster University where she prepared this opinion piece for her communications class — Ed. By Kristen Pacheco Recently in Columbia, there is an ongoing struggle involving a peace deal [...]