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Second Chance Pet Network’s Newest & Exciting Project

Second Chance is proud and happy to announce the newest plan set out for the new shelter location on Wilson Rd. A feral colony with an enclosed structure, we have about 60 ferals waiting already to [...]

SCPN in the Aviva Community Fund

Hi all, remember many moons ago when SCPN begged you for votes in the Pepsi Refresh Contest……well we are at it again. This time it’s the Aviva Community Fund and for $150,000.00.This money would complete our [...]

Pets are Part of the Family!

It never ceases to amaze me how people without thinking of the duration of an animals life and what it involves in caring for them, get a pet and then want to rid of her/him like [...]

SCPN Young Volunteers

Second Chance Pet Network is entirely run by the hard work of our volunteers.We are always shorthanded but certainly thankful to the ones who are dedicated in helping our furry residents. Many a young volunteer show [...]

T/N/R Trap-Neuter-Release

They live in the wild, shadows in the night, on streets, dumped off in yards, abandoned, forgotten, disposed of. They struggle to find food, water and their lives are usually short and difficult. Disease threatens them [...]

Second Chance Pet Network to hold Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

On July 20, 2011 SCPN will hold it’s first low cost spay/neuter clinic. Applications to have your pet spayed/neutered are available for pickup at Triple F Pet Supply, 26 King St. Dryden, 223-3335. Spaying/Neutering your pets [...]

Barclay Dump Cats

Over the last couple of years Second Chance Pet Network has run a Trap-Neuter-Release program at the town dump.  We feed the cats, having them get a bit used to us humans.  Eventually they are caught [...]

Shelter Off to Good Start

Late Monday afternoon, Second Chance Pet Network got the word from Pepsi that we will be getting the $100,000 grant for the shelter. $50,000 in April and the rest  in August. Finally some good news! Now [...]

SCPN Celebrates 2nd Anniversary On Saturday, February 19th, Second Chance Pet Network celebrated our 2nd year in operation. It’s been a great learning curve since day 1, and will continue to be even greater as the [...]

Second Chance gearing up for fall shelter campaign

Eight year-old Travis Clark knows the place like the back of his hand. What he sees every day disturbs him, like it disturbs every volunteer that plays a role in the day-to-day operation of the Second [...]