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Rickford opens constituency office

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Kenora-Rainy River MPP, Greg Rickford, held the grand opening of his constituency office last week at 439 Government Street in Dryden’s Sunset Strip Mall. Rickford was delighted to have the office in Dryden up and running.

Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford cuts the ribbon to officially open his constituency office. Photo by Crystal Lyle

“It feels fantastic. This is part of the Greg Rickford brand, a real commitment to constituency service. We had, in my previous political life as the MP, we were reputed for our extraordinary local service, our ability to go out to the smaller towns and offer services so that people could regularly see and meet their MP to deal with constituency issues.

“These are things where Service Canada or Service Ontario, you know they leave with their forms and a complication arises with something, they can come in here. Or, they just genuinely have some kind of grievance or issue or opportunity that they want to meet with my staff or me when I’m available during constituency week. We’ve assembled a great team.

Rickford addresses many responsibilities as MPP and minister

“Some familiar faces from people that have worked with me before, but some new, a new generation of people. All local folks, and I’ve taken cohort of them with me to Toronto as well. So we’re trying to inspire folks here in the riding that serving our constituents locally is our top priority, and the work we do in Toronto will be translated effectively back here for their benefit.”

Last week also marked the first 100 days in office for the Ontario PC government and Rickford said it has gone by like the snap of his fingers.

Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford cuts the cake at the grand opening of his constituency office. Photo by Crystal Lyle

“It happened just like that. The hundred days was an extraordinary opportunity. Frankly I’ve never experienced anything like it. When I was elected as Member of Parliament, we had already been in government for a couple of years. And my cabinet positions occurred in the last three and a half years of my tenure as a member of parliament.

“I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to land on the ground. June 29th cabinet was set down. I was given an extraordinary opportunity to be the stand alone Minister for three portfolios and have a very high profile at the cabinet committees that we have established. We have basically done what we said we were going to do.

“For my part, we’ve repealed the Green Energy Act, we’re renovating or renewing the leadership of Hydro One I should say, we have ‘Axed the Tax’ the Carbon tax and we’re currently in a process to fight or resist it. We’ve reduced the gas prices and now we’re working to make sure that people actually experience that reduction. And we’ve reduced the cost of Natural Gas. We have plans for a number of other things, and it’s almost on a weekly basis we’re rolling out new parts of our platform, but they’re all attached to what we said we would do if we were elected, and for me, that’s very refreshing and a great opportunity.”

Rickford jumps in while Campbell opts to not seek re-election in June

One complicated issue that some cities have taken to the completion board, the price at the pumps, is an issue Rickford says he hears loud and clear. “What’s really important for people to understand, is that the provincial portion of the tax, vis-a-vis the carbon tax, has been reduced. There are still challenges in the supply chain and my task now, having eliminated the carbon tax, is to modernize the Ontario Energy Board and create an opportunity, because we still plan to reduce another five cents on the price at the pump, that people actually see and experience it,” said Rickford.

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