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Dryden GM Ice Dogs welcome new fundraising team

The Dryden GM Ice Dogs are set to begin their regular season this week, but none of it would be possible without a dedicated team of volunteers working behind the scenes. This year the team is relying on a trio to lead the fundraising off the ice that supports the team on the ice.

Lori Russell, Crystal Ogilvie and Adi Lang will take the lead on fundraising for the
2018/19 Dryden GM Ice Dogs. Photo by Michael Christianson

The team is comprised of three fundraising leads who will rotate responsibility for the various fundraisers that will happen throughout the season. Adi Lang, Crystal Ogilvie and Lori Russell make up the fundraising team. Their energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the Dryden GM Ice Dogs will shine through in all the activities that they have planned for 2018/19.

“They are a really good blend of personalities, all of them are second year billet moms, so they’ve gone to the team through the billet program and that’s an excellent avenue to the team,” said team president Mike Sveinson. “

Rather than us coming to you door to door and asking you to support the team that you pay money to come watch at the rink, they know that there is a whole bunch more behind the scenes required to keep it afloat.”

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The team has already headed two major fundraising events; the first was running the canteen at the Gender Bender baseball tournament that brought in over $2000 and the Martin Anderson Memorial Golf Tournament which was held on September 9. “We’re always on the look out for volunteers if you want to help us out because we are a brand new committee, we’re just kind of learning as we go,” said Lang.

“If anyone in the community wants to help us out we’d actually really appreciate that. We want to keep all our fundraising community based and so we can have the families of the players be involved as well not just the community of Dryden but everyone who supports the Ice Dogs large extended family throughout Canada and the U.S.”

Anyone interested in helping with fundraising activities can contact any of the members of our fundraising team.

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