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Dryden’s newest building went up fast, then it came down! A few weeks ago the wood framing for a new gravel storage shed at the former M.T.O. yard went up.

It looked like twenty foot stud walls with regular wooden trusses on top. The stud walls were on top of 8 foot concrete walls. When you looked at it from the Marguerite Street bridge you wondered how it would withstand the wind off the river.

When the workers were using a genie lift to install siding, I was thinking there was no way I could do that job. When I heard that the shed had collapsed, I asked if anyone was working on it at the time. Thankfully, no. The guys on that crew have to be thanking their lucky stars they weren’t there at the the wrong time.

The thing about this incident is that the building didn’t look safe to someone who has no engineering education, I thought there should be gussets (braces) between the walls and the trusses. In this case, did the town rubber stamp a permit for an obviously unsafe building?

The same week that the shed fell over, the whole roof was stripped off of the New Prospect School. The stylish building with dozens of roof sections has had roof leaks from day one. I was in the library there the first year it was open and there were pails catching water then.

Asphalt shingles are old technology, professionals should be able to design and install a roof that keeps the weather out.

Within sight of the fallen shed and New Prospect School is the hundred year old barn on Leach Road, the roof probably leaks but it doesn’t look like it’s going to fall down anytime soon.

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