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DRHC hosts community BBQ

On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, the Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC) hosted a community appreciation barbeque to celebrate the purchase and installation of the new CT Scan Unit.

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“We’re just trying to say thank you to everyone in Northwestern Ontario from Kenora, Dryden, Red Lake, Fort Frances, Ignace and all parts in between.” With the overwhelming support from the community, the three-year fundraising goal was met in less than two.

Hospital staff were proud to show off the new facilities, and as COO Roger Van Oort explained, the new CT unit will be able to grow with the developing needs of the community.

This unit, once thought of as unobtainable in our region, has become a critical component to daily operations at the hospital.

The DRHC was already one year into a fundraising campaign when the original unit was critically damaged in the January 2017 flood. Staff members will never forget that night, and the desperate attempt to save the facilities.

Once the DRHC plea for assistance came out to the public, the community rallied, and now thanks to everyone, we have a more advanced unit than originally intended. The current three-piece facility consists of a 124-slice CT scanner, a higher load bearing capacity bed attachment, and fully computerized injector system used to test density variances.

As the support for the DRHC came pouring in, the upgrades did not stop there. They were also able to upgrade the imagery technology, and repair the structural and cosmetic damage done to the rooms.

Hospital Recruitment and Fundraising Coordinator Chuck Schmitt, called it “A true Northwestern Ontario Campaign. Every little bit counted and it all added up in a hurry. It’s a real heartwarming thing to see this kind of support for your hospital.”

“There’s good people here, so we are just trying to say thank you.”

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